Sutu App, for those who want to improve their fitness and be a competitive cyclist & Triathlete

Plug & Ride

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Sutu App will make your training easier.
Pick a specific workout or follow a training plan.

Training plans

Set up your workouts and train efficiently

Set your fitness target and time availability and Sutu will arrange a specific training plan for you.


All workouts you need

Sutu has all workouts you will need at your disposal. Choose between Vo2max, Tempo, Endurance…


As easy as one click. Just your phone. No weekly updates

Sutu has been tested with most of the indoor trainers as well as HRM bands. As long as they have Bluetooth, you can use Sutu.

Bluetooth connection


Check your stats and track your fitness

Check your power, avg power, intensity, stress, etc. No fancy words or data. Check what is important.


Sync with Strava

Yeah, we know, indoor training is not all.. Sync Strava activities with Sutu, do not lose tracking of any of your training and fitness gains. Your road workouts will add up Sutu overall stats as well.


Follow up your training plan

Check your training plan status. Kudos on your achievements and keep pushing in those hard workouts.

What do Sutu users say?

I just love to sync my phone and do my workout. No updates, no other riders around, nothing. I change the screen to youtube and keep Sutu running on the background. The small info window is more than enough for me.

Marato Coliflor


I love Sutu App. I followed FTP Builder training plan and I improved my Triathlon cycling overall power! I will try other training plans next.

Guillaume Cheret


I loved using Sutu App. It´s perfect if you just want to train and not have to wait around for things to load. With Sutu App, I can start my training immediately and be closer to that post-ride coffee!

Michael McGregor


Tested compatibility. Just try yours as well.